France 1-0 Croatia | Mario Mandžukić Own Goal | FIFA World Cup 2018

Perisic raids into acres of space down the left and he has options in the box. However, he fails to pick out Mandzukic as Umtiti does brilliantly to get back to make the closing challenge.

Giroud battles with three Croatia players in the final third, and although he loses the ball initially, he works back to retake possession. Excellent graft from the Chelsea forward.

Mbappe has his first charge of the game in the right inside channel, but his low cross is cleared away by Vida in the six-yard box.

A nightmare for Mandzukic as he guides the ball into the top corner from Griezmann’s free-kick, handing France the lead. Griezmann’s delivery was on the money as he curled his cross towards the back post. Croatia had a deep defensive line and Mandzukic’s attempted header glanced the top of his head before flying past Subasic into the net.

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Mario Mandžukić Own Goal